Our story so far.


The Brand

Helor is a young design brand from China since 2015.

The Helor team is composed of researchers and designers with extensive experience and diverse cultural backgrounds.
We strongly believe in a user-centered approach that helps us innovate in meaningful ways: to turn great ideas into beautiful and engaging products and services that stand out.
After designing for customers for so many years, it is time to design products for our own brands. No longer a project, but the whole process of the product.

Contact Us

Telephone: +86 176 001 33066

Building4, GuoFengMeiTang Complex, HuiLongGuan, ChangPing, Beijing, China
Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm


We regard our products as childrens of our own, so customers are like our children's adoptive parents, hope everyone like our products.

Special statement

Helor's official website: helor.com, the one and the only.
Helor used to collaborate with an Australian distributor (the websites they used: helor-coffee.com and option-o.com) to promote our brand, and has now ceased cooperation.
Helor's products are designed and producted by the Chinese team during the whole period, the Australian team was only involved in brand promotion.

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