What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Currently, our delivery method for orders is international express delivery.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we can send express delivery to dozens of countries around the world. In fact, in the past few years, we have processed thousands of overseas orders.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

The transportation time depends on the distance and the situation of international cargo flights, as well as the situation of the route area. Strikes, wars, and public health events all make transportation longer. Usually, the transportation time is 10-25 days.

How can I track my order?

After you place an order, you will receive a series of order status emails, including logistics information, and you can track your parcel through the logistics code.

Can I modify the delivery address?

If you must modify the delivery address, please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible.

If the parcel has not been sent, the address modification is free.

If the parcel has been sent, it will be packaged together with a large number of packages into an aircraft cargo warehouse pad. It is unrealistic to retrieve it again, and it can only be found after opening the pad after the plane lands. The courier company will charge a $30~$50 fee, which needs to be paid by the buyer.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We use PAYAPL for payment. You can pay by credit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account.

Is my payment information safe?

When paying, it will jump to Paypal's website, you only enter information on Paypal's website. Paypal is a long-standing and professional Internet payment service provider, and its security has always been well received.

Does the price include tax?

If you see Customs Import Duty on the checkout page, it indicates that your country will definitely charge import duty, and we will take you to make the payment.

If you do not see the Customers Import Duty on the checkout page, the price does not include import tax, indicating that your country may not necessarily charge import tax, but this is not certain and the situation may change at any time. Please check your email every day to prevent missing customs emails.

Orders & Returns

How do I place an Order?

Add all the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart.

Enter the shopping cart, confirm the product and quantity, and then click the Checkout button.

On the Checkout page, fill in the address, including house number, postal code, recipient's phone number, and email. After checking for accuracy, click on the payment button.

How Can I Cancel My Order?

If the order has not been paid, you can cancel it at any time without taking any action.

If you have already made the payment and the order has not been shipped, please contact us as soon as possible to explain that you want to cancel the order. It is easy to cancel the order at this time, and we will refund you the money except for the PAYPAL handling fee.

If you have already made the payment and the order has been shipped, canceling the order requires returning the product and processing a refund.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, register an account, record your orders, and facilitate after-sales service.

How Can I Return a Product?

If you decide to return the product, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will inform you of the return address and the precautions to be taken when sending it back. After receiving the product, we will contact you to confirm the refund process.

Is there a Refund fee?

We use PayPal's payment service. PayPal charges a processing fee of 4.4%+0.3 USD per order. When a refund occurs, PayPal will not refund the handling fee.

When the order is not shipped, as we are not at fault, PayPal's handling fees are borne by the buyer That is to say, when refunding, we will deduct PayPal's handling fees.

When the order has been shipped and there are no quality issues, as we are not at fault, PayPal's handling fees are borne by the buyer That is to say, when refunding, you need to return the product, we will produce PayPal's handling fee and courier fee.

We will refund all the money for the refund due to quality problems.


Do you provide maintenance service?

Yes, we provide one-year maintenance service. If parts is damaged under normal use, replacement parts are free (excluding worn parts such as burrs, bearings, wooden balls). After one year, replacement parts can be purchased in the store. Most users can replace parts after watching instructional videos.

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