Helor 106 Hand Coffee Grinder


High precision hand grinder.
Grinder capacity: 25 ~ 30 g
Dimensions ( W × H ): 71 × 197
Net weight: 1.8 kg

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High precision hand grinder.
Grinder capacity: 22 ~ 28 g
Dimensions ( W × H ): 71 × 197
Net weight: 1.8 kg


Unibody Design, cut from one piece metal block ensures maximum accuracy.
Two bearings, stable rotating shaft.
Patented structure eliminates bearing clearance.
Stepless adjustment knob for high adjustment accuracy.
Universal interface that can be driven by power tool.
Unibody powder cup, easy to clean.
Magnetic powder cup, eliminating the trouble of aligning threads
The reducer in the handle brings a very labor-saving experience, even hard beans can be easily ground.

Design concept

High precision, easy maintenance, low cost, environmental protection.
Remove all unnecessary fits and reduce tolerance accumulation.
No need for professional adjustment, high precision is achieved when ordinary people assemble.
All parts can be purchased and can be replaced by everyone.
No need to replace the whole machine due to damaged parts, low maintenance cost.
Parts are harmless and environmentally friendly.

Electric Tool Oriented

From the beginning, the structural design supports power tools.
Suitable torque.
Larger and more durable bearings.
Standard metric hexagonal interface.
Hex socket can be purchased here.
Please note that the electric screwdriver in the picture is for display purposes and is not included in the price.
The model of the electric screwdriver in the picture is: BOSCH GSR120-LI.
The torque of the electric screwdriver is very important and cannot be less than BOSCH GSR120-LI.


The lower barrel is made of the same type of aluminum-magnesium alloy as iPhone6, and the surface is oxidized.
Burr set is made of European standard hardened steel.
The grip is made of solid wood, no paint, no smell.
Other metal parts are made of stainless steel.

Video manual

We believe that the printed paper manual is not environmentally friendly, So we use the video manual.
Please use the part name in the video to reduce communication costs when communicating.
Therefore, we will not attach a copy of manual with the product, please visit here.


It is recommended to watch video manual.
First, install the handle to limit the rotation of the shaft.
Turn the adjustment knob clockwise until it stops.
At this point, the pointer point on the adjustment knob points to the physical zero point.
One of the scales on the inner burr is a solid point, which can be regarded as 12 o'clock.
Remember what is the physical zero of your grinder.
Then turn the adjusting knob counterclockwise until the thickness of the ground powder is suitable for your needs.
Please remember how many turns and how many grids have been rotated counterclockwise so that you can quickly adjust it later.
Please note: one grid between two points, 12 grids in one circle.
Different beans have different scales.
Different rotation speed have different scales too.
So when using a power tool to drive the grinder, you need to adjust the scale.
Fine-tuning as appropriate.


There is a reducer composed of 5 gears in the handle, which is protected by patent.
The reducer brings a very labor-saving experience, even hard beans can be easily ground.
If you wish to drive the Helor 106 with a power tool, you will need a hex socket, which is not included in the kit and needs to be purchased separately.

Magnetic powder cup

The powder cup is fixed by magnets, which is protected by patent.
Turn the powder cup a small angle to remove the powder cup.
Magnets are not resistant to high temperatures, please do not place the machine in an environment above 60 degrees Celsius.
The powder cup can be used with standard 58mm filter basket, make distribute the grinds easier.

MAZZER burrs

71mm burrs by Mazzer Robur.
General-purpose burrs, which can grind coffee powder of various thicknesses.
Not washable.

Usage and Cleaning

It is recommended to watch video manuals.
For the first time, adjust the scale to 2 circles and grind 10 grams of beans.
Do not use the first grinding powder.
Brush off the electrostatic powder around the burr and in the powder cup.
Use lens blower to blow off residual particles inside the fuselage.
Do not wash in water or use the dishwasher.

Static electricity

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon and it is difficult to avoid.
Static electricity is more noticeable in winter, especially when wearing chemical fiber clothing. After weighing the beans, you can drop a drop of water into the beans, shake them in a powder cup, and pour them into the grinder.
The water will carry away the charge when it evaporates.
Do not remove the powder cup after grinding, knock the fuselage to the palm of your hand twice, most of the electrostatic powder will enter the powder cup.

Components life

Used correctly, the main components of the grinder can be used for life.
Burr, bearing, wood ball and powder cup apron are lossy parts and will wear normally.
The service life of the lossy parts depends on the frequency of use and the hardness of the beans.
Burrs can be used for 3 ~ 5 years.
When service life is up, it can still be used, but the blade is blunt, the resistance is big, and the fine powder is much more.
The life of bearing is about two to three years.
The life of a wooden ball is about three to five years.
All the lost parts can be purchased in the store, you can replace it yourself.

Daily maintenance

Check the center shaft every week to confirm that the lock nut is not loose.
If the wooden ball is humming, remove the wooden ball and apply a little grease on the shaft.
Use food grade greases, replace with petroleum jelly or cooking oil.

Maintenance service

We believe that the delivery of products is only the beginning of a new process.
Parts can wear out and accidents can occur.
We should reduce maintenance costs for our users.
All parts of the Helor 106 can be replaced.
After parts are worn (such as cutters and bearings) or accidentally damaged (such as falling) Users only need to purchase the corresponding parts to replace them.
You can purchase replacement parts in the store.
Maintain high precision without the need for professional adjustment.
No need to buy a new machine.
We believe that this arrangement is more environmentally friendly.


The size fit between the standard parts is quite small to achieve high concentricity.
The barrel assembly is very simple, and few users with non-assembly experience cannot assemble it independently.
Making it easy for anyone to assemble is one of our goals.
There is a reducer composed of 5 gears in the handle, it is not recommended to disassemble.

Special statement

Helor's official website: helor.com, the one and the only.
Helor used to collaborate with an Australian distributor (the websites they used: helor-coffee.com and option-o.com) to promote our brand, and has now ceased cooperation.
Helor's products are designed and producted by the Chinese team during the whole period, the Australian team was only involved in brand promotion.

Customer service

If you have any questions, please contact customer service:


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